Martinique (2of2): locals and their activities

Mainly living off from tourism, street shopping and fishing, locals are so easy and nice to talk to ! Read more

Martinique (1of2): beaches and landscapes

Martinique, perla del Caribe, afable people, beuatiful Landschafft… I need at least 3 entries to convey my view of this amazing island. Read more

Freezing Land

A freezing expedition (October 2010, yes yes 🙂 to Europe’s northernmost place: Svalbard: 78°13′N !! Read more

Jungle (2of2): Settlement “Caw” in the Marshalls

Kaw or Caux (meaning marsh in French) is a village of about 40 inhabitants. We spent 1 night there. Read more

Chernobyl 28th Anniversary

Today 26th of April, we want to remember the tragedy and victims of the biggest echo-catastrophe of the XX Century. We put together an essay Read more