Month: May 2015

Jungle (2of2): Settlement “Caw” in the Marshalls

Kaw or Caux (meaning marsh in French) is a village of about 40 inhabitants. We spent 1 night there. Read more

Jungle (1of2): Boat, Birds sightseeing and Cayman hunt

One hour drive from Cayenne, and off we go to a boat excursion over the Approuague river, in the commune of Régina. The protected Marshes of Caw. Read more

Macro Fire

This was another self-assigned small Project. Lot of fun exploring the ignition and flames in different forms (matches, lighter, sparkler, etc).  Read more


Hi everyone. Third and final episode of shootings with model Kocer Ya (this time we haha disguise her as modern vampire). Location: abandoned Ammunition bunker (I like Urbex !!). Crew: Ruben Solaz, Shirin Kadah, Laura Schott Read more