Martinique (1of2): beaches and landscapes

Martinique, perla del Caribe, afable people, beuatiful Landschafft… I need at least 3 entries to convey my view of this amazing island.

Far-far, on that side of the Atlantic Ocean, on the elegant necklace of the Lesser Antilles is situated a paradisiacal island Martinique.


Thanks to the trade winds, an humid tropical climate of Martinique is felt like a mild air, warm and comfortable to have good relax from December till the end of April.


 The period from May till November – it`s a season of the rains and is also known like a period of the natural disasters – earthquakes, tsunami, convulsions of nature, hurricanes.
An average annual temperature here is about +25 +28 °C. The hottest months are March, April and May, and the coldest are December and January.

The beaches from the North side of the island and from the South side are different. On the North side the sand on the beaches is mainly of the gray or black color (Martinique is a volcanic island – and this is especially felt on the North part).


On the southern coast the sand is white and fine. One of the most popular beaches here is Les Salines.

Martinique_Photographer_Ruben_Solaz-z_DSC6045 Panorama-Edit

The island has a mountainous relief and is made mostly by volcanic rocks


The coastline is  strongly indented, at many gulfs and bays the entrance is partitioned off by the coral reefs


Judging from the scientific descriptions, the flora and fauna of Martinique don’t shine with wealth, but your eyes will refuse to trust in this. The snow white foam of clouds in the boundless blue of the sky is reflected in a bottomless smooth surface of the sea…


…the vegetation flashes with various shades of green….



…the mountainous slopes of volcanoes are covered with the forest area


.. the blossoming fruit trees exhale the delightful stupefying aroma….


Martinique is a real paradise where you can choose any kind of relax. To be lazy whole day on the beach….


… or to make some activities –  windsurfing, fishing, make road trip around the island…





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