Jungle (1of2): Boat, Birds sightseeing and Cayman hunt

One hour drive from Cayenne, and off we go to a boat excursion over the Approuague river, in the commune of Régina. The protected Marshes of Caw. Read more

Butterfly time !

Hi there !  Tropical weather in winter in Botanika (Bremen). Butterflies, Schmetterlinge, Mariposas, babochki ! Ok, I reckognise, at 4:1 magnification they loose a bit of flair 🙂 Read more

Maidan cries for “Skif” (battalion Aidar)

Funeral-parade in honor of a “Skif”, member of famous battalion “AIDAR”, KIA during ATO duties in January 2015. I was in Maidan during this emotive ceremony, our sincere condolences and a photo-tribute to “Skif”. Read more

Traces in the night

Project TRACES IN THE NIGHT.Read more

Catching up…

Ok ok hard to keep up online with real world sooorry. Voila last acitvities




Recent events

TV Episode “Tatort Bremen“. Report and pics here


Girl shooting – Full session here.


ToulouseFew pics here


Wedding Nico Maria – Reportage here


Gyrocopter Fly -Lots of fun )- More pics here



Photokina 2014More pics here



Kid and family ShootingMore pics here


Personal Trips May-August

Catching up lower priority albums… some of my personal trips of last months, of course with my friends Nikon or Fuji always nearby…

DACHAU KZ – More pics click here or on the pic below:



Airshow – ILA 2014 – More pics click here or on pic below:

Swiss Precission

Berchtesgaden (Hitler Eagle Nest)More pics click here or on image:



Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) – More pics click here or on image:


Heildelberg – More pics click here or on image:



Skopje (Makedonia) – More pics click here or on image:

Smily beggar