Little Red Ridinghood

Hi everyone. Second episode of an series of shootings (three) with model Kocer Ya (this time convincingly playing role of Chapeau Rouge !). Crew: Ruben Solaz, Shirin Kadah, Laura Schott. Good work with make up girls. Read more


Happy to show the “Chaplin” Shooting pics ! Such a fun day in a “lost place” with abandoned locomotives. We gathered small crew (Ruben Solaz, Shirin Kadah, Laura Schott. Model: Kocer Ya) and all worked out good !

Surfing in Florianópolis

Surfing: the special and  dangerous passion shared by many. What power does push them to risk serious traumas, even life? all this only to catch several minutes of adrenaline?
During all the human history man aspired to show his superiority against natural elements. Surfers is a special category of people… they know some secret to conquer the ocean power..

There are many places around the world where the surfers can go to enjoy their passion.We propose 4 wonderful surfing destinations: Florianopolis (Brazil), Algarve (Portugal), Martinique (DOM France),  SFCO (USA). With this we begin another series of essays – “We will surf you“.

Catching up…

Ok ok hard to keep up online with real world sooorry. Voila last acitvities